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Investigate the use of wing sweep for pitch control of a small Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV). This project is a sub-project of the larger and more complex perching problem: spot-landing a UAV (on a pole, rooftop, branch, etc.)using biologically-inspired wing morphing techniques.

The aircraft is a 36 inch wing span, 11.2 oz propeller-driven model. Fuselage is constructed of balsa wood and foam, using standard RD aircraft construction techniques. The wings were constructed from fiberglass,carbon fiber, high density foam, and rip-stop nylon. The wings were based off of similar scale avian wings, with high-camber NACA5304 thin airfoil. A thickened leading edge portion was included to provide structural support and bio-similarity. Aircraft wing loading is 8.8 oz/ft2.


Example alt text
Aircraft with wings swept forward
Example alt text
Flight testing with manual wing sweep

  • Poster for 2011 Research Expo: [[1]]
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