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RAPID: Reconfigurable Automated Parameter-Identifying Dynamometer


RAPID: Reconfigurable Automated Parameter-Identifying Dynamometer

The goal of this project is to create a low-cost dynamometer for use in characterizing DC motors for use in mobile robots. Model-based control requires knowledge of the parameters of the system, including motors.


The dynamometer system, shown in the image to the right, was designed to accommodate a wide range of motors.

The motor under test is driven with a sufficiently exciting input signal (e.g. sine sweep) and data are recorded from several integrated sensors. The data is post-processed and fit to a specified dynamic model.


  • Encoder (position, velocity, acceleration)
  • Voltage
  • Current

Electrical Schematic


Bill of Materials

Part Quantity Part # Supplier
National Instruments myDAQ 2
Resistor, 20kOhm, for Voltage Sensor 3 291-20K-RC
Capacitor, 0.1 uF, Bypass for Current Sensor 1 81-RDER71H104K0K103B
Capacitor, 1uF, Filtering for Current Sensor 1 810-FK18X5R0J105K
Current Sensor 1 ACS712 (8882)
Encoder 1 E6-2500-250-IE-S-D-D-B
Motor Driver 1 TB6612FNG (713)
Breadboard 1 351
Encoder Tower 1 encoderTower.STL 3D Printer
Motor Tower 1 motorTower.STL 3D Printer
Chuck Tower 1 chuckTower.STL 3D Printer
Clamping Hub 1 clampingHub.STL 3D Printer
Shaft Adapter 1 shaftAdapter.STL 3D Printer
Motor Adapter Plate 1 adapterPlateAmax22.STL 3D Printer
Inertial disk 1 inertialDisk.STL Laser Cutter 1/4" acrylic
Base plate 1 basePlate.STL Laser Cutter 1/4" acrylic
Steel Ball Bearing Flanged Open for 1/2" Shaft Dia, 1-1/8" OD, 7/16" W 1 6383K234
Flanged Double Sealed Ball Bearing (1/4") 1 6384K342
Jacobs Chuck 30248 1 28055A71
1/4" Dowel Pins 1/2" Length 2 98381A537
Inertial Wheel Bolts 1/2"-13 Thread, 1 1/2" Length 8 92865A354
Inertial Wheel Hex Nuts 1/2"-13 Thread 24 91849A636
Multipurpose Aluminum (Alloy 6061) Precision-Ground, 1/4" Diameter, 3' Length 1 9062K263
Zinc-Plated Steel Machine Screw Hex Nut, 4-40 Thread Size, 1/4" Width, 3/32" Height 4 90480A005
Zinc-Plated Steel Machine Screw Hex Nut, 6-32 Thread Size, 5/16" Width, 7/64" Height 2 90480A007
Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 4-40 Thread, 1/2" Length 4 90272A110
Zinc-Plated Steel Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 6-32 Thread, 1/2" Length 6 90272A148
PTFE-Lubricated SAE 841 Bronze Sleeve Bearing, for 1/4" Shaft Diameter, 3/8" OD, 1/4" Length 1 1688K4
Adhesive-Backed Polyurethane Bumper, Dome Top, 3/8" Diameter, 5/32" H, Black 3 95495K391
Phillips Thread-Forming Screw for Plastic Zinc-Plated Steel, 2-28 Thread, 3/8" Length 2 90380A011
Phillips Thread-Forming Screw for Plastic, Black-Finish Zinc-Plated Steel, 8-16 Thread, 1/2" Length 2 92295A313
Zinc-Pltd STL Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw 10-32 Thread, 1/2" Length 6 90272A829
Zinc-Plated Steel Type A USS Flat Washer #10 Screw Size, 9/16" OD, .03"-.07" Thick 6 90108A411

Note: BOM does not include wires or connectors.



N. Morozovsky, R. Moroto, T. Bewley, RAPID: an inexpensive open source dynamometer for robotics applications, IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics, vol. 18, no. 6, pp. 1855-1860. Dec. 2013. [1]


  • .zip archive of STL files of individual custom parts (see Bill of Materials above) and STL assembly file: [2]
  • .zip archive of editable SolidWorks 2012 files for different adapter plates for motors with different mounting features (face-mounted screws, etc.): [3]


  • .zip archive of LabVIEW 2011 Project: [4]
    • requires LabVIEW MathScript RT Module
  • Latest dev build (LabVIEW 2012): [5]


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