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Sep 29, 2010: Switchblade v.2 and iceCube v.1 featured at the UCSD Science & Engineering Library

The Science and Engineering Library at UCSD will for the next year be prominently featuring prototypes of the unique, and patent-pending, Switchblade and iceCube designs, courtesy of the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab. Do swing by and take a peek!

Sep 23, 2010: New NSF Award on Networked Sensor Swarms of Underwater Drifters

The UCSD Flow Control Lab, together with Curt Schurgers, Ryan Kastner, Michele Zorzi, and Jules Jaffe, just won a major ($1.2M) new NSF grant on Networked Sensor Swarms of Underwater Drifters. In this project, we will further refine our novel new algorithms to control the topology of formations of underwater vehicles via buoyancy control (only). As illustrated in the plot at the right, by strategically controlling the depth of each drifter in a stratified flow system, the drifters can be made to ``go with the flow'' at each respective depth in a very deliberate fashion, thereby achieving a remarkable degree of control authority over the topology of the swarm in this very low power, significantly "under-actuated" setting.

Sep 20, 2010: Prof. Haoxiang Luo wins a 2010 NSF CAREER Award

Prof. Haoxiang Luo, one of the founding PhD students of the UCSD Flow Control Lab and now an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award. The five year grant, entitled Flapping In The Wind - Passive Mechanisms In Insect Wings For Flight Stabilization, will support his research on computational modeling of insect flight physics, with application to the development of biomimetic micro air vehicles. Congratulations Prof. Luo!

Sep 7, 2010: Q & A about the Coordinated Robotics Lab - an interview with the Next Big Future blog

We recently sat down with an editor at the Next Big Future blog site for an far-ranging interview. The transcript of this interview is avialble here.

Sep 4, 2010: New Lab signs

A huge thanks to Ben Sams for the cools new lab signs! Darth Gubbe strikes back.

Aug 5, 2010: Six Switchblade vehicles presented to National Instruments by Coordinated Robotics Lab at NI Week

The Coordinated Robotics Lab handed off half of our Switchblade vehicle fleet to Jeannie Falcon and Andy Chang at National Instruments at NI Week 2010, kicking off the next stage of our already productive collaboration. These vehicles will be used by NI field representatives to show off the unique capabilites of the NI hardware and software as implemented on the Switchblade vehicles.


July 30, 2010: Flow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs send robots out on smoke detection & forecasting mission

An army of advanced Switchblade robots designed & created by the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab infiltrated a parking lot at UCSD and explored clouds of (inert, non-toxic) colored smoke set off in a controlled test. Equipped with high-tech sensor packs and electronics, the robots measured smoke concentrations and wind velocities as they moved. The measurements were transmitted in real time (via wifi and 3g cellular data links) to an off-site supercomputer running advanced weather-forecasting type algorithms pioneered by the UCSD Flow Control Lab. These algorithms, in turn, synchronized a numerical simulation of the smoke plume with the actual measurements taken in the field in real time (a problem known as data assimilation), then told the vehicles where to move next in order to minimize the uncertainty of the forecast (a problem known as adaptive observation). The goal of the system, which was successfully realized in the experiment, was to forecast where the smoke was going to go, as precisely as possible, before it got there, while coordinating the vehicles in real time to collect the most valuable information possible for the particular wind conditions present during that test. The test was covered live by many media outlets, one of the most dynamic being the live coverage performed by KUSI. For a more technical description, please click here.

July 2, 2010: New web site launched!

Because frames are so two-thousand-"late"...
Please bear with us as we insert various new material into this site (it has over 50 subpages, so this might take a while...).

April 14, 2010: UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab featured at UCSD Research Expo

Press release here.