Irons in the fire

The pace of research these days in the Flow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs is ferocious. In order to dissiminate to the scientific community, the key ideas that have been developed in our labs in the last couple of years, Prof. Bewley has updated his recent challenge to current students and recent graduates of the Flow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs for 2009-2012: 43 high quality new articles from us and our collaborators, submitted between Jan 2009 and December 2012. Here is a list of the submissions so far, and a partial list of the ongoing manuscripts we are still working on... The goal is for us to be able to flag 43 of these as at least SUBMITTED by December 31, 2012. Each submission will be linked up here as it becomes available. Do visit us from time to time this year to see how we are doing!


J1: A fundamental limit on the balance of power in a transpiration-controlled channel flow
Bewley (2009) J. Fluid Mech. 632, 443-446.

J2: State estimation in wall-bounded flow systems, Part 3: The Ensemble Kalman Filter
Colburn, Cessna, Bewley (2011) J. Fluid Mech, 682, 289-303.

J3: Pairwise-nonrecurrent sequences
Bewley (2011) Journal of Integer Sequences, In press

J4: Efficient grid-based Bayesian estimation of nonlinear low-dimensional systems with sparse non-Gaussian PDFs
Bewley, Sharma (2011) Automatica, In press

C1: Object-oriented implementation of the EnVE estimation/forecasting algorithm and its application to high-performance turbulence codes
Bewley, Cessna, Colburn, Ham, Iaccarino, and Wang (2008) Proceedings from 2008 Stanford CTR Summer Program, Stanford.

C2: Honeycomb-structured computational interconnects and their scalable extension to spherical domains
Cessna, Bewley (2009) Proceedings, ACM/IEEE Conference on System-Level Interconnect Prediction (SLIP), San Francisco.

C3: Underactuated control and distribution of multi-agent systems in stratified flow environments
Krohn, Bewley (2010) Proceedings, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Atlanta.

C4: Estimation and adaptive observation of environmental plumes
Zhang, Colburn, Bewley (2011) Proceedings, American Control Conference (ACC), San Francisco.

C5: Switchblade: An Agile Treaded Rover
Morozovsky, Schmidt-Wetekam, Bewley (2011) Proceedings, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), San Francisco.

C6: Inertial Rotation Center Position Estimation for a Perching Treaded Vehicle
Schmidt-Wetekam, Morozovsky, Bewley (2011) Proceedings, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), San Francisco.

C7: An arm suspension mechanism for an underactuated single legged hopping robot.
Schmidt-Wetekam, Bewley (2011) Proceedings, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Shanghai.


S1: New Horizons in Sphere-Packing Theory, Part I: Fundamental Concepts & Constructions, from Dense to Rare
Bewley, Belitz, Cessna SUBMITTED

S2: New Horizons in Sphere-Packing Theory, Part II: Lattice-Based Derivative-Free Optimization via Global Surrogates (LABDOGS)
Belitz, Bewley SUBMITTED

S3: New Horizons in Sphere-Packing Theory, Part III: Regular Noncartesian Directed Graphs for FPGA Interconnects
Cessna, Bewley SUBMITTED

S4: A hybrid (variational/Kalman) ensemble smoother for the estimation of nonlinear high-dimensional discretizations of PDE systems
Cessna, Bewley SUBMITTED

S5: Gradient-based optimization methods for sensor & actuator placement in LTI systems
Colburn, Zhang, Bewley SUBMITTED

S6: Methods for solution of large optimal control problems that bypass open-loop model reduction
Bewley, Luchini, Pralits SUBMITTED


Lattice-based Mesh Adaptive Direct Search (Lambda-MADS)
Belitz, Bewley (SIAM J. Optim.?) 99% done.

Optimal Sensor Placement for Estimation of Systems with Multiplicative Uncertainty
Colburn, Bewley (JFM?) mostly written

On the convergence of boundary control strategies designed using ODE approximations of diffusive PDE systems
Bewley, Sharma (JFM?) mostly written

Real-time estimation, forecasting, and adaptive observation of hazardous contaminant plumes with mobile robots
Bewley, Cessna, Colburn, Morozovsky, Zhang (IEEE T on Robotics?)

Derivative-free Optimization via Global Surrogates with expensive function evaluations and incomplete convergence (alphaDOGS)
Belitz, Bewley (SIAM Journal on Optimization?)

En3DVar, En4DVar, and the Hybrid (Variational/Kalman) Ensemble Smoother (HEnS)
Cessna, Bewley (Tellus - letter?)

A new approach to efficient red/black relaxation and multigrid on the sphere
Cessna, Mashayekhi, Bewley (JCP?)

Targetted modification of chaotic systems via gradient-based optimization of leading periodic orbits
Colburn, Trenchea, Cervino, Bewley (Physica D?)

State estimation in wall-bounded flow systems, Part 4: The Wiener Filter
Martinelli, Luchini, Bewley (JFM?)

Coordination of horizontal vehicle distribution via buoyancy control in unsteady stratified flows, Part I: Couette-Poiseuille systems
Ostovari, Krohn, Bewley (Automatica?)

Model-Predictive Dynamic Optimization (MPDopt)
Ostovari, Ferry, Bewley (journal?)

Coordination of horizontal vehicle distribution via buoyancy control in unsteady stratified flows, Part II: Hurricanes
Ostovari, Krohn, Bewley (Automatica?)

Tweed relaxation: an efficient multigrid method for nonuniform 2D and 3D Cartesian grids
Mashayekhi, Bewley, Luchini (JCP?)

Inexpensive acoustic localization for mobile robotic systems
Cavender, Bewley (IEEE T on Robotics?)

iceCube: an agile spherical robot driven by internal control moment gyros
Cavender, Bewley (IEEE T on Robotics?)

Contractive methods for simplified controller design in robotic and fluid systems
Cavender, Bewley (Automatica?)

iHop: an agile multimodal hopping rover
Schmidt-Wetekam, Bewley (IEEE T on Robotics?)