Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are any of the vehicles described at the Coordinated Robotics Lab website patent protected?
Answer: Yes, the primary multimodal features as well as the key enabling components of all four of the mature vehicles featured on this site are patent pending. Other vehicles currently being worked on in the lab will be revealed here once the appropriate patent protections have been secured. Please contact us for more information.

2. Can I see higher resolution versions of the figures at this website?
Answer: Most figures at this website are linked to higher-resolution versions, for your amusement, so just click to enlarge.

3. Can I use your figures in my own work?
Answer: Quite likely, but only with our permission. Please contact us to discuss.

4. I'm using an iPhone or iPad, and the pull-down menu behavior is a little quirky at this website. What's going on?
Answer: If you are exploring this website with an iPhone or an iPad, the first pull-down menu which you attempt to pull down after you load a new page will initially not function. However, all of the other pull-down menus will function after that, and after you pull down a different menu, the original pull-down menu that you originally attempted to pull down will also work. This appears to be a bug in the implementation of the < UL > and < A > tags in the iPhone and iPad browsers. We have attempted to notify Apple and Adobe concerning this bug; anyone aware of a workaround, please contact us.

5. Who designed this website, and what software was used?
Answer: The website was designed by Tom Bewley using Dreamweaver (CS5) and a starter template by Chris Converse.

6. How can I get involved with the Coordinated Robotics Lab before grad school?
Answer: Due to staffing constraints, we generally do not teach / coach high school students or teams, or UCSD freshmen or sophomores. Also, we are, generally, not scientifically interested in "battlebots", perpetual motion machines, or other attempts at circumventing Newton's laws. With that in mind, for further information, please click here.

7. How can I get involved with the Flow Control Lab and/or the Coordinated Robotics Lab as grad student?
Answer: First, unless we specifically post an opening on the News page, we do not have any extra money at the moment to offer an RA position to incoming students. That said, the funding situation is always dynamic through the year, various fellowships can be applied for independently for graduate study at UCSD, and some TA positions are offered, on a quarter by quarter basis, by the MAE department. If you have interest in getting involved with the Flow Control Lab or the Coordinated Robotics Lab as grad student, please apply to the MAE department through normal channels, indicating your interests clearly in your Statement of Purpose, and follow up with an email to Prof. Bewley which summarizes your research interests.