Flow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs

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Welcome to the combined web pages of the Flow Control & Coordinated Robotics Labs, sister labs at the University of California, San Diego, led by Prof. Tom Bewley.

In short, we specialize in the design optimization, feedback control, state estimatiion, and real-time forecasting of complex systems ranging from dynamic multimodal robotic vehicles to flows over airplane wings to contaminant release plumes in the environment.

Have fun looking around! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, and do come back soon. There are over 50 subpages at this website, which we are trying to update and expand significantly before fall quarter 2011 rolls around. In the meantime, please pardon our dust...

take care,
- Tom

About our lab logo (left): the dude is affectionately know as Gubbeguy. "Gubbe" in Swedish, roughly translated, means "guy", so the name is a bit peculiar. Gubbeguy was the invention of Markus Högberg when he worked at the Flow Control Lab, and was formed via slight modification of the isosurfaces of an H_infinity convolution kernel computed for the feedback control of a near-wall turbulent flow. The planetary gears behind him, designed by Nick Morozovsky, represent the well-synchronized activities of the Coordinated Robotics lab.

The UCSD logo (right) is stylized after UCSD's stunning library, and the cool snake path that leads thereto.